From Data Center to Edge, How to Deploy and Manage IT Devices More Quickly and Securely

From Data Center to Edge, How to Deploy and Manage IT Devices More Quickly and Securely

IT data centers are undergoing a significant transition, and the move towards edge technology largely defines it. For major data centers across America, like TMGcore, introducing new data center services that reflect the transition to edge technology is a top priority.
As technology plays an increasingly huge role in business, organizations now manage more data and a larger fleet of devices and applications than ever before. The demand for efficiency and data center security is understandably at an all-time high too. With enterprise-generated data created outside traditional data center environments set to grow from 10% in 2021 to 75% in 2025, remote management tools that facilitate a quick, safe, and efficient deployment and management strategy will be key.

Why IT Companies Should Move From Data Center To Edge

In short, the digital landscape is evolving at a faster rate than ever before. Datacenter infrastructure must reflect the changing requirements, and IT teams need to find companies that can provide winning facilities for high-performance computing in the modern age.

The emergence of 5G and the growing presence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices have underlined the ongoing developments in the tech arena. In contrast, hybrid work models and innovative applications have supported the fast-paced digital transformations. In particular, the hybrid work models have seen a significant increase in widespread appeal on the back of the pandemic as IT teams look to implement robust, high-performance computing solutions.

However, as data center infrastructure moves towards remote-based strategies, the deployment and management need to provide smooth operations across multiple locations while simultaneously guaranteeing scalability and high levels of data center security, especially in the wake of increased data breaches throughout the pandemic. TMGcore’s data center infrastructure and evolving data center services are built with those growing demands in mind.

The Key Data Center Features IT Teams Must Now Seek

When considering the transition to edge computing and from one data center to another, IT managers must partner with a data center like TMGCore to provide a winning data center infrastructure for immediate benefits followed by sustained success. The following checklist will ensure that high-performance computing is delivered.

Device security

Centralized device management systems allow IT teams to stay on top of any threats to their company, which means a deeper understanding of the health and condition of all connected devices. When cyberattacks and data breaches occur at every minute of the day, this has to be the first item on any IT team’s agenda.

Upgrading out-of-date patches or device software while using the proper firmware protection and security features can eliminate the risks posed by intelligent cybercriminals. The proper updates additionally ensure that all systems perform better for longer, not to mention giving IT companies added peace of mind.

Diverse infrastructures

IT teams now manage colossal device networks that include desktops, servers, storage, networking, rack power distribution units (rPDUs), rack uninterruptible power supplies (rUPS), IoT devices, and more. Therefore, data center solutions must combine enterprise and edge features from several vendors and keep everything under one platform.

In most modern enterprises, IT data center platforms must combine KVM over IP devices with virtual machines, service processor management, and the option of remote deployment. Again, all networks must do this in a secure fashion.

Device control

Moving from a traditional data center to edge computing infrastructures offers a range of potential benefits. However, they are only made possible if your team can actively access devices and control their usage. Of course, this should only extend to authorized workers, who can subsequently launch the appropriate virtual management sessions.

Authorized access will be secured for all approved users, while performances can be managed with a range of responsive tools that deliver end-to-end encryption. As well as providing the flexibility to cover on-site and remote applications, it opens the door to performance monitoring and auditing. This aids firms, their employees, and end-users alike.

Outage management

Downtime remains one of the worst issues that any business can encounter, with the average outage costing enterprises $5,600 per minute. It is possible to access devices remotely even if a power outage hits the network with out-of-bound management. This facilitates uninterrupted interactions between teams and clients.

When IT teams can interact with customer devices through out-of-bound management, they can complete troubleshooting and restoration services even when the network is down. When data centers like TMGcore are further supported by CPU immersion cooling, cooling technology, the risk of outages becomes far smaller.

Operational efficiency

Automation has been at the heart of business tech for a few years now. A robust and automated data center service’s increased efficiency can allow IT teams to manage more extensive networks without extra staff. It saves time compared to completing manual processes while also removing human error and oversights.

This could relate to larger sites, multiple sites, and increased device footprints. Operational efficiency means shorter deployment timeframes, configurations, and reporting. Adding new devices and sites can be incorporated by the automated solutions too. The automatic IP address and module management means fewer addresses for added cost-efficiency.


When implementing edge computing, IT teams must keep one eye on the future. Open-source software has become a common solution, not least because it enables continued growth, scalability, and adaptation to meet changing requirements. It’s no surprise that most users state it is better than their outdated proprietary systems.

The right IT management system will use OpenBMC and Redfish while also utilizing APIs to connect teams to the desired tools. This ultimately means that IT data centers can increase operational efficiency and functionality in a streamlined fashion while being open to scalability and changes to ensure the robust networks deliver greatness year after year.

Choosing Data Center Services That Use Edge Computing

The best data center will be eager to implement the latest technologies and infrastructure systems to give IT firms tailored solutions for optimal results. A vast data center like TMGcore is the perfect data partner because our experienced professionals are continually embracing the best tech features to reflect the evolving landscape, thus giving businesses like yours the platform to thrive in the face of testing circumstances. Crucially, automated features lead to quicker deployments and easy management.

To learn more about embracing new data center services, call TMGcore today.

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