A Blockchain Technology Company

What is TMGcore?

TMGcore is a Texas limited liability company initially focused on cryptocurrency prospecting, development and management. TMGcore is in the process of developing a suite of hardware, software and other revenue generating capital assets, which TMGcore believes can be coupled with the its strict operational standards, to provide a market advantage relative to traditional cryptocurrency mining technology. TMGcore conducts its cryptocurrency mining operations in a facility in Dallas, Texas that was designed specifically for commercial scale cryptocurrency mining.

TMGcore believes that it has developed a cryptocurrency mining infrastructure that provides a highly beneficial environment for large-scale cryptocurrency mining operations. This infrastructure is centered around the Company’s planned two phase liquid immersion cooling platform and high efficiency power system design. Additionally, TMGcore has developed partnerships and collaborations with industry professionals in the fields of cryptocurrency mining, datacenter operations, and high capacity power system engineering.

TMGcore’s Legacy 1 Facility

TMGcore has developed various partnerships, including one with Pinchal and Company LLC in Houston. TMGcore has entered into two long term agreements to lease 10,000 Sq/ft and 250 KWs in Houston Texas which has already been fully deployed and is being utilized for TMGcore Mining Operations. Additionally, TMGcore leases approximately 75,000 square feet (with a capacity of 100 Megawatts), , and currently conducts 30 megawatt live load cryptocurrency mining operations utilizing a floor area of approximately 30,000 square feet. Because the Company leases additional space in the Dallas facility, it possess substantial flexibility to expand its mining operations over time.