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The OTTO platform is primarily intended to support high-performance and high-density computing. We have built a preliminary set of hardware options designed to optimize the features and capabilities of the OTTO platform.
OTTO ReadyTM OTTOblades are server, storage, or other hardware components that are designed to be cooled by the platform’s immersion cooling mechanism. End users will install these offerings into suitable OTTO devices, and they will be monitored and controlled using the OTTOmanager platform

HydroBlade G1611

The G1611 is intended for GPU-based high-performance computing tasks. It has dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family sockets, up to 512GB of RAM, SSD storage, and 16 NVidia V100 SXM2 GPUs

16 NVidia V100 GPUs

Dual Intel Xeon CPUs

6,000 watts of raw computing power

2,000 teraFLOPs of Tensor performance

HydroBlade C841

The Hydroblade C841 meets numerous customer use case scenarios requiring traditional CPU based compute.

16 NVidia V100 GPUs

Xeon 9282 - 2/node, 12/blade

<6,500 watts

2,000 teraFLOPs of Tensor performance

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