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By: JD Enright, CEO of TMGcore Building one of the largest independently owned cryptocurrency mining facilities in the United States is attracting a lot of interest. Those in the know realize blockchain infrastructure is becoming essential to power our systems into the next decade. In just a few short weeks after turning on the lights […]

Taylor Monnig

July 10, 2018

Trailblazing a new path in industrial cryptocurrency mining requires having a strong team at your back. As we continue to refine and develop our two phase liquid immersion cooling systems, we look to bring on the critical partners to join our mission in establishing the most efficient blockchain infrastructure operation here in the United States. […]

Taylor Monnig

July 5, 2018

TMGcore today unveiled the commencement of occupancy and crypto mining operations in a Class A Tier III facility located deep in heartland America, right in the Lone Star state. Located in Plano, TX, TMGcore entered into a strategic real estate investment partnership and a long-term lease for the facility with an affiliate of Houston-based Pinchal & Company, LLC. […]

tmgcore admin

July 2, 2018