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The future of crypto mining has arrived. Meet CryptoCore – powered by TMGcore. Our single phase liquid immersion cooling mining tank was developed to produce the best results in hash rates, energy usage, equipment longevity, and renewability.

Single-Phase Liquid Immersion Mining

So cool, so quiet… so much hash.
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Product Highlights

Overclock up to 80% over OEM hash rates

World-Class PUE of 1.007

28 Miner Capacity Per Cryptocore Tank

Custom PDU for 140 to 200kw for superior mining capability

Massive increase in miner lifespan

2 Megawatts of mining in less than 160 Sq Ft*

Immersion Cooling Videos


Recapping Bitcoin 2022

Immersion Mining IRL

CryptoCore Explained

Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling


Reduce your failure rate, increase your overclock speeds, and simply hash more.

Making Miners Liquid Immersion Ready

TMGcore headquarters in Plano, Texas houses the world’s most advanced multi-level immersion lab. Our experts have submerged a lot of tech to solve our customer’s problems.

With immersion, single or 2-Phase, mining or server architecture, all of the moving parts, heat syncs and fans must be removed. TMGcore calls this process making servers Immersion Ready.



Customer supplies miners to TMGcore or TMGcore sources miners



TMGcore removes moving components, updates miners, and prepares for fluid immersion



Customer mines coin

Ready to overclock, liquid-cool, and mine Bitcoin? TMGcore is ready to make your project immersion ready.

Immersion Ready Process

To make servers immersion ready, TMGcore will:

Remove the heat syncs

Remove the

Add boiler enhancements as needed

Any bios modifications that are necessary

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