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Data Center Solutions

The demand for constant network access and reliability to power our highly integrated world pushes businesses and organizations to operate at an ever-increasing pace. Data centers must be capable of handling massive volumes of data while supporting advanced technologies like 5G networking, cloud computing, and crypto mining.

Take the guesswork out of future-proofing your organization with comprehensive data center solutions by TMGcore, designed to optimize and adapt to your evolving needs.

Next-Gen Data Center Technologies for Your Business Growth

To meet the requirements of today and the challenges of tomorrow, data centers need robust solutions flexible enough to scale alongside changing business needs. One of the most significant barriers to growth-focused organizations is managing energy usage to power and cool critical IT components. By implementing comprehensive data center solutions with integrated liquid immersion cooling and purpose-built software integrations, data centers can cut operating costs while delivering reliability, security, and performance.

Crypto Core-Standard

Advanced High-Performance Computing Solutions

With an emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and reliability, TMGcore develops a suite of products, including hardware and software solutions designed to solve the industry’s biggest challenges.

Our high-performance computing platforms, including OTTO, EdgeBox, ComputeCore, and CryptoCore, are designed with liquid immersion cooling technology and purpose-built, fully customizable applications to support your critical infrastructure.

Your Strategic Data Center Solutions Company

We know the challenges associated with implementing technology capable of handling ever-increasing data processing while addressing uptime, environmental impact, and operating costs related to building and maintaining an enterprise data center. Our expertise and partnership with some of the biggest names in the industry position us to offer a market advantage relative to non-immersion, high-performance computing technologies. TMGcore OTTO Ready solutions provide data centers with complete, holistic turnkey packages and offerings consisting of purpose-built HPC platforms, components, and software across all industries.

The Home of Immersion

With an emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, we enable our customers to build next-generation high-performance computing installations that can be used in traditional spaces or on the edge. Our comprehensive data center technologies enable higher densities, better efficiencies, and lights-out operations wherever compute is needed. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Collaborating with the Best Names in the Industry

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