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Deploy and Manage IT Devices Securely and at High-Speed: From Data Center to Edge

As the world moves toward a more digital future, businesses are adopting edge computing exponentially to keep up with modern demands. The increase of enterprise-generated data is set to increase at a constant rate within the next few years due to fast-paced digitalization initiatives, hybrid work models, and application innovation with the Internet of Things and 5G. For data centers and IT managers, this means that many businesses will want to evolve their processes and technologies to deploy and manage sites and devices at scale. With the recent onslaught of hacks and data breaches, the need for robust remote management tools to keep up with modern demands while providing a safe and secure way for data center storage is also top of mind. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into how businesses can deploy and manage IT devices securely and quickly from data center to edge.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a distributed computing model that brings computing technology and data storage closer to the data sources. It improves response time and saves bandwidth, making it a high-performance, efficient, and scalable alternative to traditional computing.

What Do Data Centers Need from Remote Management Tools?

As data center and IT teams examine their management platforms, they need to:

Diversify data center infrastructure: data centers and IT teams need a single management platform with the ability to manage both business and edge sites with infrastructure from multiple vendors. TMGcore provides an autonomous software suite to manage its immersion cooling devices both remotely and securely.

Future-proof approach: Many organizations turn to open-source software as an alternative to proprietary software to save both time and money during the recent economic downturn. It’s important for data center and IT teams to consider how a management platform will work with existing infrastructure and new technologies as they’re developed.

Ease of use and improved efficiency: A remote management platform should be easy to install, configure, and use. TMGcore’s products are designed with the user in mind with customized solutions, end-to-end engineering, and scalability. Automated processes enable data centers to handle larger sites and device footprints without hiring more staff while cutting down deployment timeframes. To make it quicker and easier to deploy devices, items like configuration changes and status reporting must be automated.

Device management through all stages: no matter where the data center is, knowing why unexpected downtime occurs is paramount for any digital business. Autonomous, remote management infrastructure capabilities mean that data centers can rapidly troubleshoot any issues and restore services for a better customer experience. Data center teams can update the management platform features and functionality while in use, improving availability further.

Control access and usage of devices: data centers need to have full control over device access and usage through all stages of operation. TMGcore remote management software enables its users a secure and transparent way to oversee device usage, energy consumption, and audit processes to enhance security further. TMGcore immersion cooling devices provide users with secure access to on-site applications and data with integrated networking capacity.

Improved security: centralization of management devices means data center teams maintain constant awareness of device health and condition. Issues are resolved swiftly and in real-time, eliminating the risk of data security breaches and vulnerability to hacks. TMGcore’s autonomous platform keeps devices current while providing high-performance computing that’s scalable and secure.

As data center and IT teams manage the needs of businesses and users, they need systems that grow with modern demand and innovations in technology. TMGcore provides immersion cooling technology for data storage devices compatible with autonomous remote management software that scales across data centers, edge sites, and devices to meet the needs of high-performance computing, scalable designs, and sustainability. Streamline device monitoring and energy consumption with a single management platform enabling IT teams to secure processes from data center to edge. Ready to deploy and manage IT devices quickly and securely? Schedule a demo or call us today!

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