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EdgeBox 30

The EdgeBox 30 offers up to 30kw of two-phase liquid immersion cooled HPC in only 16 square feet.

Up to 30 kW

208 V Power Feed

16 sq. ft.

Up to 2048 Core

EdgeBox 120 M

With the EdgeBox 120 M you can deploy more than 12,000 cores in a space smaller than ever before.

Up to 120 kW

208 V Power Feed

49.5 sq. ft.

Up to 12,000+ Core

EdgeBox 4.5

The EdgeBox 4.5 gives you the power to put over 1,000 cores in just 17 square feet right at the edge.

Up to 4.5 kW

208 V Power Feed

17 sq. ft.

Up to 1024 Core


Our EdgeBox 30 and EdgeBox 4.5 are designed to fit through standard doors so compute can be deployed where it’s most needed. Check out this video to see how it’s done with the EdgeBox 30.


5' 8"


2' 10"


7' 3"

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Liquid Immersion Illustration

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Immersion Ready Process

To make servers immersion ready, TMGcore will:

Remove the heat syncs

Remove the

Add boiler enhancements as needed

Any bios modifications that are necessary