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Dell PowerEdge C6520

Powerful Dell servers to boost Data center performance, whatever the use case.

Four Dual Socket compute Nodes with Intel Ice Lake server SOCs

195W to 270W

DDR4: Up to 16 x RDIMMs

24 x SSD. 6NVMe drives per node. Max 368 TB

Dell PowerEdge C6525

Compute-dense Dell servers to enable high-performance in data center applications.

Four Dual Socket compute Nodes with AMD EPYC High-performance Zen 2 or Zen 3 based server SOCs

155W to 280W

DDR4: Up to 16 x RDIMMs

24 x SSD. 6 per Node. 400GB to 2.4TB drives

Intel Walker Pass

High-performance Intel servers purpose built for the supercomputing segment.

Intel Xeon 9282 - 56 cores per processor

6,500 watts

Up to 24 DDR4 DIMM

Intel SSD P4510 8 x 4 TB

Highlights of Making Servers Immersion Ready

The TMGcore headquarters in Texas houses the world’s most advanced HPC Immersion Lab.

  • Solid State – Remove Moving Parts
  • Addition of Advanced Thermal Transfer Technology
  • Optimized Server Performance Above Industry Standards



TMGcore purchases desired servers for End-User.



If End-User has already purchased the servers, the End-User will send them to TMGcore in Plano, Texas

TMGcore will be glad to assist End-Users with making the server of their choice immersion ready.

Immersion Ready Process

To make servers immersion ready, TMGcore will:

Remove the heat syncs

Remove the

Add boiler enhancements as needed

Make bios modifications that are necessary