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TMCcore works with Asic.to to provide best in class firmware, specifically optimized for high performance immersion cooling systems.

While generally intended for use within the TMGcore CryptoCore system, the firmware can be used on other air-cooled and immersion-cooled miners as well.


The Firmware on this site is made available without any warranty or guarantee of any kind. The use of the firmware made available on this site may result in irreparable damage to any equipment to which it is applied, and may cause the device to operate in a manner that is unsafe and outside of the manufacturer’s intended operating conditions, resulting in the potential for equipment failure, damage to the equipment, damage to other equipment, personal injury, or death. TMGcore explicitly disclaims all liability for loss, damage, or injury that may result from the use of the firmware made available on this site.

Antminer S19 A Pro Upgrade

File Name: antminer-s19apro-tmgcore-v1.1.9-update.tar.gz

File Size: 16,858,717 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: 5e070eb1b7d643ee100f0e8b67c2 f9e1baddcba7bf0d7 1cb6ece450b52dc33de

Antminer S19 J BB SD Card

File Name: antminer-s19j-bb-tmgcore-v1.1.9-sd.img.gz

File Size: 16,338,694 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: 1425bd4605901c2c2722e350c031e67 ed545b3c625474b649193778f57abf2d9

Antminer S19 J BB Upgrade

File Name: antminer-s19j-bb-tmgcore-v1.1.9-update.tar.gz

File Size: 16,278,581 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: add026d6e96898dc38 fce938c229af3ee828d11009a c931d19716233f48ebd1e

Antminer S19 J SD Card

File Name: antminer-s19j-tmgcore-v1.1.9-sd.img.gz

File Size: 16,918,271 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: d158b309810f9fa95f9c499d9220 2f2ade91f63b3cd3f5e523bfd 9fb8ba10c66

Antminer S19 J Upgrade

File Name: antminer-s19j-tmgcore-v1.1.9-update.tar.gz

File Size: 16,858,830 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: 86b52bef54913c0ad9d303e4b 58264ea88f2959a17f7d8491f36 589d63f3ef9e

Antminer S19 J Pro BB SD Card

File Name: antminer-s19jpro-bb-tmgcore-v1.1.9-sd.img.gz

File Size: 16,338,010 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: e09d54f311ca306ec151cac7537070 eff5e7cc478078e4fc76697d090 c3c4bba

Antminer S19 J Pro BB Upgrade

File Name: antminer-s19jpro-bb-tmgcore-v1.1.9-update.tar.gz

File Size: 16,278,443 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: 7153a8ceb12370bbfc42b04eec0f20 a1e1c3c522c0588387ac0a71 a6afa697a1

Antminer S19 Pro SD Card

File Name: antminer-s19pro-tmgcore-v1.1.9-sd.img.gz

File Size: 16,917,239 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: 9d031cbeb0bb8d4d5fa987a931c6d4 c52b8b5294a344499c30329 f4ee87dabb3

Antminer S19 Pro Upgrade

File Name: antminer-s19pro-tmgcore-v1.1.9-update.tar.gz

File Size: 16,857,907 bytes

SHA256 Checksum: c17fb80d5781c93184801ddde57190 b10c411f7b61ebb5a39d3ea546e 9812577