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OTTO 600 L

The OTTO 600 L is the world’s highest density and efficiency data center platform. In a completely autonomous system, the OTTO 600 L has a cooling capacity of up to 600kW (600,000 watts). Densities of up to 3.75 kW (3,750 watts) per square foot are achievable with a footprint of only 160 SqFt, significantly reducing physical footprint and site infrastructure demands. OTTO offers fully integrated racking, cooling, power, networking, and management capabilities. The modular design and minimal site requirements allow solutions that incorporate the OTTO EDGE 600 L to be implemented in one-third the time of standard data center installations.


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Completely Modular 2 Phase Liquid Immersion Cooled 600kw HPC Datacenter Platform. 160Sq/Ft. Total 

Fully Automated Server and PSU Hot Swapping – 100% Lights-Out. N+10 Server and PSU

Local and Global Remote Operation – API.

Major Server OEM Compatible.

100% Self-Contained Unit i.e. HPC Cooling Platform, Racks, Fiber, and Internal Power Distribution.

Environment Neutral – Ties into any EXISTING datacenter facilities systems i.e. Water, Power, Fiber.

Unlimited Scalability – End-to-End, Back-to-Back

L: 20FT W: 8FT H: 10FT

Total Square Footage: 160


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Highlights of Making Servers Immersion Ready

TMGcore headquarters in Plano, Texas houses the World’s most advanced 2- Phase Immersion Lab.

With immersion, single or 2-Phase, all of the moving parts, heat syncs and fans must be removed. TMGcore calls this process making servers Immersion Ready.



TMGcore purchases desired servers for End-User.



If End-User has already purchased the servers, the End-User will send them to TMGcore in Plano, Texas

TMGcore will be glad to assist End-Users with making the server of their choice immersion ready.

Immersion Ready Process

To make servers immersion ready, TMGcore will:

Remove the heat syncs

Remove the

Add boiler enhancements as needed

Any bios modifications that are necessary

Dry Rack

Within each EdgeBox there is a dry rack to house storage servers as well as network switches.

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