TMGcore HydroPod

As TMGcore builds out the necessary infrastructure, it intends to deploy immersion cooling technology to efficiently carry out its cryptocurrency mining operations.  TMGcore is in the process of developing a highly effective immersion mining solution, which will deploy specially-designed two phase liquid immersion cooling mining hydropod skids together with 3M’s Novec immersion fluid.  In this way, TMGcore will be able to maintain its mining devices in a stable, clean and controlled environment without the need for typical air cooling. This will allow TMGcore to achieve significant mining results while utilizing the same power inputs as traditional mining operations, but with substantially less floor space and without reliance on less effective air cooling technologies.

3D Rendering of TMGcore’s Liquid Immersion Skid

TOMS – TMGcore Operation Management System

TOMS provides our staff with full visibility of each of our miners in operation at a given time. This functionality of TOMS can maximize performance and minimize downtime to enable TMGcore to consistently operate at full mining capacity. TOMS also allows instant diagnosis and expedited repair of broken hashing boards without having to take the entire pod offline.  This occurs as TOMS is able to monitor each individual chip on each board. The fully automated update system of TOMS potentially will allow TMGcore to deploy, update and optimize thousands of miners at the same time. TOMS also records and logs data about the performance of the miners, which provides TMGcore staff with the data necessary to identify problems, trends and solutions as they occur in TMGcore’s day to day operations.

Green Pool

We are currently working on project “Green Pool”. Green Pool will be a mining pool powered by renewable energy.  Our motivation for this is simple, we want to build a better pool while saving the earth’s finite resources. With a mix of solar, wind, and battery storage we can utilize the same amount of power while showing the Bitcoin network can thrive without destroying the planet.