Scott McNealy Joins TMGcore as Advisor to the Office of the CEO

Scott McNealy Joins TMGcore as Advisor to the Office of the CEO

By: JD Enright, CEO of TMGcore

Building one of the largest independently owned cryptocurrency mining facilities in the United States is attracting a lot of interest. Those in the know realize blockchain infrastructure is becoming essential to power our systems into the next decade. In just a few short weeks after turning on the lights here in Plano, we are attracting the interest of some of the biggest names in tech.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Scott McNealy is joining our team as an advisor to my office. That name should sound familiar because Scott is famous for co-founding Sun Microsystems all the way back in 1982. He served as their CEO for 22 years leading the company through countless innovations and developments.  

During his years at the helm, McNealy grew Sun from a Silicon Valley start-up to a leading provider of network computing infrastructure with thousands of employees worldwide. Following his time at Sun, he also co-founded Wayin, a social intelligence and visualization company based in Denver. McNealy stepped down from his position as CEO of Wayin in 2016 and is now advising companies with transformative ideas.

Why did a tech titan like Scott choose to join us at TMGcore? Let’s allow him to explain in his own words:

“TMGcore is developing one of the most energy-efficient mining rigs, utilizing cutting edge technology and innovative mining boards to dramatically decrease cooling costs and increase token outputs. As cryptocurrency transactions become more prevalent in our daily lives, these consensus-solving systems will underlie our economies for years to come. I look forward to bringing my four decades of entrepreneurial expertise to this important venture and developing new applications for the technology TMGcore has already built.”

We are lucky to have Scott McNealy join us. He is no stranger to guiding companies through periods of innovation and the blockchain industry is poised to take a tremendous leap in its evolution. Experienced leaders working together will help establish the usefulness of the technology we develop.

I can’t wait to start collaborating with Scott on the future of TMGcore!