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Sustainable Two Phase Immersion Cooling

The increase in the amount of data centers being built and innovations in technologies like 5G, AI, and cloud computing have pushed the need for sustainable data center solutions to the forefront. With growing economic and societal pressures, IT professionals are turning to liquid immersion cooling as a way to reduce energy consumption and achieve sustainability efforts.

TMGcore provides innovative HPC solutions designed with liquid immersion cooling technology to specifically address the industry’s biggest challenges.

Sustainable Two Phase Immersion Cooling

Green computing cooling solutions, like liquid immersion systems, create smarter, more sustainable, and energy-efficient data centers. By reducing the energy needed to maintain the optimal temperature in computing environments, two phase liquid immersion cooling proves to be the best way to cool your compute.

Crypto Core-Standard

Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions

Sustainability is a key driver of the future of the data center industry. Many data centers are increasingly adopting green computing technologies to achieve carbon-neutral, eco-friendly operations. Two phase liquid immersion cooling offers an innovative solution that eliminates water waste, reduces energy consumption, and improves equipment longevity.

TMGcore offers innovative immersion cooling systems designed to handle the highest heat densities, enabling IT equipment and crypto mining hardware to work better and last longer. Our high performance computing platforms can bring your PUE closer to one, saving costs and gaining a market advantage. OTTO Ready solutions are sustainable for your operations and the planet.

Future-Proof Your Data Center with OTTO

TMGcore created OTTO to address the industry’s space and power constraints, offering a scalable, quick-to-market, secure, and incredibly energy-efficient solution to optimize data center operations. Increase your data center capacity and cost savings with a smaller footprint.

The Home of Immersion

TMGcore was founded in 2018 with the vision of creating more sustainable and capable HPC solutions. Armed with that goal, we created the most advanced data center solutions on the market. Our integrated hardware and software solutions can be found in some of the most demanding cryptocurrency mining operations and enterprise data centers today. Are you OTTO Ready?

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