TMGcore Secures Exclusive Partnership with TAS Energy to Help Build Two Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

TMGcore Secures Exclusive Partnership with TAS Energy to Help Build Two Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

Trailblazing a new path in industrial cryptocurrency mining requires having a strong team at your back. As we continue to refine and develop our two phase liquid immersion cooling systems, we look to bring on the critical partners to join our mission in establishing the most efficient blockchain infrastructure operation here in the United States.

This is why we are happy to announce today that we have inked an exclusive partnership with TAS Energy, an innovator and industry leader that creates highly efficient, modular packaged chilled water systems for data center servers. Their technology will be put towards our custom-built, high density mining HydroPods, helping to greatly decrease cooling costs. 

Through the agreement, TAS Energy will provide an exclusive development, fabrication, buying and selling agreement with TMGCore associated with two phase liquid immersion cooling systems. TAS is leveraging their extensive intellectual property in thermal and power systems combined with modular data center design and manufacturing expertise.

TAS Energy CEO, JT Grumski, said, “TAS believes TMGcore has a unique approach to optimizing information technology hardware and software for digital currency and high performance computing use cases. Our exclusive arrangement will accelerate their roadmap and further establish TAS’s product supplier leadership associated with providing the most advanced and cost effective two phase immersion cooling system components.”

TAS Energy will also support product testing our custom ASIC boards with their modular solutions lab. With their expertise on our side, we will better optimize our industrial grade mining operation.

Blockchain technology is rapidly coming to all facets of life and it is going to require efficient, industrial-grade infrastructure to underpin the millions of transactions required in this new economy. TMGcore is building that infrastructure right here in the United States and now with a growing team of experienced manufacturers joining our efforts, the future of blockchain technology and data centers only looks brighter.

We are just getting started! Stay tuned to our blog here for more information on how you can get involved.