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What is TMGcore?

TMGcore is a Texas limited liability company initially focused on cryptocurrency prospecting, development and management.

TMGcore is in the process of developing a suite of hardware, software and other revenue generating capital assets, which TMGcore believes can be coupled with the its strict operational standards, to provide a market advantage relative to traditional cryptocurrency mining technology. TMGcore conducts its cryptocurrency mining operations in a facility in Dallas, Texas that was designed for commercial scale cryptocurrency mining.

Research and Development

TMGcore is first and foremost a blockchain technology development company. We understand the critical importance of research and development which drives innovation and efficiencies in support of the global blockchain ecosystem. With this in mind we employ and enable dedicated engineers to enhance existing and develop new tools, processes, and equipment to drive the development of the blockchain infrastructure.

We have technologies in various stages of development, from early prototypes such as custom mining firmware and advanced mining management software to early stage production of liquid immersion mining technology.


Security, Efficiency, Profitability and Professionalism (SEPP) is a set of standards established by TMGcore for its blockchain services. TMGcore will seek to make SEPP an industry standard for the blockchain services industry. SEPP is designed to instill confidence in customers and investors that a SEPP-certified organization has developed and implemented certain operational controls necessary to provide quality blockchain related services.

The SEPP standards encompasses a set of control objectives and grades the service organization’s service offering based on the quality of their methodology for addressing that objective.

Illustrative Timeline**

March 1st

Deploy 250 KW of Mining into Skybox Houston Data Center

March 15th

Enter into Long Term Lease to Purchase Agreement with Pincal & Co LLC for the 150 Sq/ft - 105MW Facility in Dallas Texas.

March 18th

Deploy 350 KW of Traditional Mining into TMGcore’s Legacy One Facility in Dallas Texas.

March 29th

Complete and Test - Bench Top Prototype of 500KW HydroPod.

April 15th

Complete testing of full scale 1 MW HydroPod Skid.

June 1st

Complete the Legacy 1 internal 10MW Fit-Out construction.


John David Enright


Experienced and dedicated executive with 23+ years working with DOD, Multi-national Private and Public sector organizations. Executive level management to include CEO, President, VP and Sr. Director for globally engaged organizations. Mr. Enright is highly proficient in culturally diverse work scenarios. Primary focus on developing and executing Strategic Step-Up Growth initiatives in Emerging Markets and Technologies.

Brian McMackin


Brian McMackin has spent his entire career in the real estate industry, currently serving as Managing Principal for Pinchal & Company. With over 20 years of real estate expertise, Brian brings in-depth transaction and operational experience to the company. Prior to joining Pinchal & Company, Brian was with Cassidy Turley as Senior Managing Director in the Houston office where he had leasing responsibility for a 4.2 million square foot portfolio of assets in Houston. Brian played an integral role in leading agency leasing and further developing the firm’s marketing systems and processes for Houston. Mr. McMackin has represented institutional clients such as Goldman Sachs, Behringer Harvard, Shorenstein, GE, Lexington Realty Trust, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan among others on various real estate investment portfolios.

Jake Mertel


In addition to co-founding TMGcore, Jake is an accomplished business professional with over 10 years of executive experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunication fields. He specializes in network administration, systems administration, and information systems security. Jake has years of experience designing, building, and operating high performance, highly scalable platforms for both internal business needs and in consultation with customers to meet their unique requirements. Jake is the ideal person to develop, implement and maintain a highly efficient and innovative strategy for the operation of efficient and profitable cryptocurrency mining platforms.

Taylor Monnig


Taylor holds a degree in Communications from Arizona State University. He is a cryptocurrency expert and has conducted extensive research in the financial aspects of Bitcoin and the mining and trading of cryptocurrencies. Taylor is passionate about technology, cryptocurrency and business in general. With years of professional experience as a senior manager working in information technology recruitment along with his strong interpersonal skills, business sense, and natural leadership abilities, Taylor is the ideal person to lead, shape and oversee TMGcore operations.

William Hadala


William is an accomplished technology expert with over 25 years of introducing and developing groundbreaking solutions in the highly competitive Fortune 500 information technology industry. Widely recognized as a technology and telecommunications subject matter expert, William is both an accomplished business leader and an IT specialist with success with both established and startup companies. He is responsible for multiple IT breakthroughs and successful integrations that enable organizations to remain competitive in the ever-changing world of technology.

Mike Parniak

Head of Programming

Mike is a veteran software developer and problem solver. Having developed unique and innovative software systems for a wide range of industries he has become captivated by the power and potential of the blockchain. Leveraging over two decades of development and design experience, he is excited to be at the vanguard of what promises to be a world-changing and industry-defining technology. His specialties include distributed systems, applied cryptography, statistical modelling, and smart contract development.

Our Partners

TMGcore News

Scott McNealy Joins TMGcore as Advisor to the Office of the CEO

By: JD Enright, CEO of TMGcore Building one of the largest independently owned cryptocurrency mining facilities in the United States is attracting a lot of interest. Those in the know realize blockchain infrastructure is becoming essential to power our systems into the next decade. In just a few short weeks after turning on the lights […]

TMGcore Secures Exclusive Partnership with TAS Energy to Help Build Two Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

Trailblazing a new path in industrial cryptocurrency mining requires having a strong team at your back. As we continue to refine and develop our two phase liquid immersion cooling systems, we look to bring on the critical partners to join our mission in establishing the most efficient blockchain infrastructure operation here in the United States. […]

TMGcore Building Enterprise-Scale Crypto Mining Facility In Heart Of Texas

TMGcore today unveiled the commencement of occupancy and crypto mining operations in a Class A Tier III facility located deep in heartland America, right in the Lone Star state. Located in Plano, TX, TMGcore entered into a strategic real estate investment partnership and a long-term lease for the facility with an affiliate of Houston-based Pinchal & Company, LLC. […]

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