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The OTTO Platform

Deploy up to 15,000 Cores in less than 80 Square Feet.

  • Robotic Hot Swapping
  • Fully Autonomous Lights Out Capabilities
  • Centralized and Decentralized Management
  • Higher Density Computing
  • Modular and Scalable HPC
  • Sustainable Closed Environment – placeholder


The Advanced Solution for HPC

Today’s data center hardware manufacturers are tasked with developing technology capable of handling ever-increasing amounts of data processing while addressing challenges such as uptime, environmental impact, and operating costs associated with building and operating a large data center. TMGcore created OTTO to solve the industry’s space and power constraints. OTTO offers businesses a scalable, quick-to-market, secure, and incredibly energy-efficient solution that is also cost-effective.

OTTO 120 M

For applications outside of the core, the OTTO 120 M provides the same degree of highly efficient, two-phase liquid immersion cooled data center capacity with a smaller footprint.

120 kW in N+1 Config

Up to 240 KW non-redundant

20 OIU Blades

77 SqFt

Up to 15,000+ Core

Fully autonomous