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Trusted by Some of the Best Names in The Industry


Dell Technologies is a unique community of corporations that offer the critical foundation for businesses to develop their digital future, modernize IT, and secure their most valuable asset- information. Dell is among the leading technology development companies dedicated to transforming the lives of millions of people through extraordinary capabilities.  


UNICOM Engineering is a global provider of purpose-built products and business solutions that address deployment issues, accelerate time to market, lower ownership costs, and boost business efficiency. They serve software developers and OEMs working in the storage, security, communications, video, and healthcare IT industries.  


Solvay, founded in 1863, is a global leader in materials, chemicals, and solutions. Solvay leverages innovations in planes, vehicles, batteries, smart and medical gadgets, water and air treatment, and other fields to address significant industrial, social, and environmental issues. 


3M is a global, science-based technology company known for its innovation and investment in research and development. 3M’s vast investment has resulted in the invention of a wide range of products, such as adhesives, building materials, insulation, lubricants, tools, medical supplies, electronics components, cleaning supplies, and office supplies.  


Intel is an American multinational technology corporation and the largest manufacturer of semiconductor computer circuits. Intel's innovation in cloud computing, data center, and PC solutions helps power our smart and connected digital world and connects millions of developers to rapidly growing technologies and new business possibilities. 


Orignally founded in 1969, AMD has been at the forefront of semiconductor products and production over the last 50 years. Our mission of providing high-performance computing cooling coupled with AMD's vision of impacting all end users and transforming lives makes a powerful force for the future of HPC.


SuperMicro is a global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology. They develop end-to-end green computing solutions and are uniquly positioned as a close collaborator with TMGcore. With largely US based operations, SuperMicro brings the right blend of innovation, operations, and green technologies.


A true leader in energy trading and infrastructure asset investing, CCI is backed by some of the brithgtest individuals in the industry. They believe in analytics and research and they place considerable stock in a more sustainable world through reliable energy sources. CCI bring's a unique mentality to our collaboration.

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