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The Future of Bitcoin Mining is Now

The landscape of crypto mining is changing. From government regulations to the ever-increasing demand for bitcoin, miners must look to new solutions for cooling and computing capability to run a successful mining operation. Air cooling systems are no longer an effective way to keep up with the demands of modern bitcoin mining. But what is?   

Liquid Immersion Crypto Mining

Liquid immersion cooling involves submerging crypto mining rigs in dielectric fluid. The heat generated by the rigs is transferred to the liquid, which carries the heat away from the equipment via an integrated heat exchanger. Cool fluid is then pumped to replace the warm, resulting in one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable ways to cool your compute.

Crypto Core-Standard

How Liquid Immersion Mining Improves Crypto Operations

The energy usage, cost, and environmental impact of traditional air cooling systems make them unsuitable for data centers at large. Rather than an alternative, liquid immersion crypto mining offers solutions that air cooling never did. Here’s how:

  • Extends equipment longevity  
  • Improves performance and reliability  
  • Highest energy efficiency to power ratio than any other cooling method  
  • Reduces more energy and water waste compared to air and water cooling  
  • Safer hash rate overclocking  

Why CryptoCore

Future proof and scale your bitcoin mining operation with one of the most energy efficient, cost-effective, and powerful solutions on the market. CryptoCore powered by TMGcore was developed to produce the best results in hash rates, energy usage, equipment longevity, and renewability. TMGcore offers three versions for its single phase liquid immersion cooling mining tank – CryptoCore Base, CryptoCore Standard, and CryptoCore Premium, designed to improve any crypto mining operation regardless of its size.  

CryptoCore Benefits  

  • Enhance performance without degrading the quality  
  • Up to 30% – 35% increase in efficiency  
  • Silent performance makes for a loud statement in terahash earned  
  • Overclock up to 80% over OEM hash rates  

About TMGcore

Founded in 2018, TMGcore launched with the vision of creating more sustainable and capable high-performance computing solutions. With that goal, TMGcore created next-gen technologies, including a suite of hardware and software products to facilitate the best cooling possible. TMGcore believes you must Evolve to Enable

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