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Approaching the Heat Limit with Liquid Immersion Technology

The transference of heat away from processors persists as one of the most critical challenges to computing technology today. A variety of approaches have been employed to push against this “heat limit” as it remains a principal barrier to better and faster processing technologies that are otherwise prepared to realize greater and greater potential. This paper reviews the technology currently in use. It addresses the critical advances in the field of air cooling both at the server level and extending to the architectural and structural geometry found within data centers. 

While air cooling remains the most prevalent method of reducing processing temperatures, more recent advances have incorporated liquid cooling technologies. The balance of this paper considers the various opportunities and limitations of liquid immersion cooling in terms of heat transfer modes, convection modes, containment methods, and fluid chemistry. After a review of these technologies, it becomes apparent that the most significant approach to advancing the heat limit is found in liquid immersion cooling. 

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