Scott McNealy Joins TMGcore as Advisor to the Office of the CEO

By: JD Enright, CEO of TMGcore

Building one of the largest independently owned cryptocurrency mining facilities in the United States is attracting a lot of interest. Those in the know realize blockchain infrastructure is becoming essential to power our systems into the next decade. In just a few short weeks after turning on the lights here in Plano, we are attracting the interest of some of the biggest names in tech.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Scott McNealy is joining our team as an advisor to my office. That name should sound familiar because Scott is famous for co-founding Sun Microsystems all the way back in 1982. He served as their CEO for 22 years leading the company through countless innovations and developments.  

During his years at the helm, McNealy grew Sun from a Silicon Valley start-up to a leading provider of network computing infrastructure with thousands of employees worldwide. Following his time at Sun, he also co-founded Wayin, a social intelligence and visualization company based in Denver. McNealy stepped down from his position as CEO of Wayin in 2016 and is now advising companies with transformative ideas.

Why did a tech titan like Scott choose to join us at TMGcore? Let’s allow him to explain in his own words:

“TMGcore is developing one of the most energy-efficient mining rigs, utilizing cutting edge technology and innovative mining boards to dramatically decrease cooling costs and increase token outputs. As cryptocurrency transactions become more prevalent in our daily lives, these consensus-solving systems will underlie our economies for years to come. I look forward to bringing my four decades of entrepreneurial expertise to this important venture and developing new applications for the technology TMGcore has already built.”

We are lucky to have Scott McNealy join us. He is no stranger to guiding companies through periods of innovation and the blockchain industry is poised to take a tremendous leap in its evolution. Experienced leaders working together will help establish the usefulness of the technology we develop.

I can’t wait to start collaborating with Scott on the future of TMGcore!

TMGcore Secures Exclusive Partnership with TAS Energy to Help Build Two Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

Trailblazing a new path in industrial cryptocurrency mining requires having a strong team at your back. As we continue to refine and develop our two phase liquid immersion cooling systems, we look to bring on the critical partners to join our mission in establishing the most efficient blockchain infrastructure operation here in the United States.

This is why we are happy to announce today that we have inked an exclusive partnership with TAS Energy, an innovator and industry leader that creates highly efficient, modular packaged chilled water systems for data center servers. Their technology will be put towards our custom-built, high density mining HydroPods, helping to greatly decrease cooling costs. 

Through the agreement, TAS Energy will provide an exclusive development, fabrication, buying and selling agreement with TMGCore associated with two phase liquid immersion cooling systems. TAS is leveraging their extensive intellectual property in thermal and power systems combined with modular data center design and manufacturing expertise.

TAS Energy CEO, JT Grumski, said, “TAS believes TMGcore has a unique approach to optimizing information technology hardware and software for digital currency and high performance computing use cases. Our exclusive arrangement will accelerate their roadmap and further establish TAS’s product supplier leadership associated with providing the most advanced and cost effective two phase immersion cooling system components.”

TAS Energy will also support product testing our custom ASIC boards with their modular solutions lab. With their expertise on our side, we will better optimize our industrial grade mining operation.

Blockchain technology is rapidly coming to all facets of life and it is going to require efficient, industrial-grade infrastructure to underpin the millions of transactions required in this new economy. TMGcore is building that infrastructure right here in the United States and now with a growing team of experienced manufacturers joining our efforts, the future of blockchain technology and data centers only looks brighter.

We are just getting started! Stay tuned to our blog here for more information on how you can get involved. 

TMGcore Building Enterprise-Scale Crypto Mining Facility In Heart Of Texas

TMGcore today unveiled the commencement of occupancy and crypto mining operations in a Class A Tier III facility located deep in heartland America, right in the Lone Star state. Located in Plano, TX, TMGcore entered into a strategic real estate investment partnership and a long-term lease for the facility with an affiliate of Houston-based Pinchal & Company, LLC. At more than 150,000 square feet and fully capable of 100-megawatt live power load, TMGcore’s mining operation will be one of the largest independently owned facilities in the United States.

Principals of Pinchal & Company invested approximately $60M in the project. In addition to Pinchal’s initial backing, the real estate company also invested an additional $7M from Pinchal in a separate investment. The company occasionally invests in its tenants when a mutually beneficial opportunity presents itself. TMGcore then raised another $10M from private equity investors.

“Of the $17M raised by TMGcore to date, we are extremely gratified to have the very significant investment, support and shared vision between TMGcore, 

Pinchal & Company and the valued relationships Pinchal has formed over the firm’s 31-year track record of exceptional results,” said TMGcore CEO, JD Enright. “Pinchal and its investment group see where this technology can take many business sectors and TMGcore works tirelessly for this to be another exceptional investment for Pinchal & Company and all our stakeholders.”

The company has developed a unique use case with a fluorochemical coolant that delivers smart, safe and sustainable cooling for industrial technology operations. TMGcore will be one of the first companies to utilize this compound at the heart of an enterprise scale cryptocurrency mining apparatus. The company’s intelligent mining technology uses a Two-Phase Liquid Cooling Immersion technology to dramatically decrease cooling costs by up to 90%. The system also dynamically adapts its mining efforts toward the most profitable token at any given time, factoring in real-time market price, the difficulty of access and hash rate. TMGcore has also developed custom-madeASIC mining boards that result in a 20% increase in token output.

“Leveraging the magic of this coolant and groundbreaking mining circuitry, we saw a massive opportunity to capitalize on the nascent and highly lucrative mining industry in a physical, tangible and industrial fashion,” said Enright. “TMGcore seeks to deconstruct the mining monopoly in other countries with an American-made, U.S. driven approach that not only pushes the blockchain ecosystem forward but also creates job opportunities for Texas’ fast-growing technology community. We understand the importance of the research and development that creates not only innovations but the efficiencies that support the blockchain industry on a global scale.”

TMGcore’s chip suppliers have developed custom ASIC boards to be 50%denser than traditional rigs and generate an ultra-low energy cost of only $0.04 kilowatts per hour. Combined with the Novec coolant, TMGcore’s highly efficient operational software reduces deployment time by 80%, fixing issues and faulty boards in real time.

The company roadmap includes developing methods to become even more energy efficient, including establishing the first mining pool powered by renewable energy. TMGcore is also currently in the final discussions with a renewable energy partner as it expands to launch LEGACYII, a 100% renewable energy powered operation.

To expedite the development of their facilities, TMGcore will also be conducting a fully regulated security token offering in full compliance with US State & Federal securities laws to accredited investors. The LEGACY1  tokens will entitle holders to TMGcore crypto mining revenues. The tokens are expected to yield a 150% return on investment over a 24-month period.

Renowned international law firm, Jones DayTAS efficient modular systems and mining manufacturer Canaan are additional collaborators.