TMGcore: The Brand, the Values, and the Vision for the Future


TMGcore: The Brand, the Values, and the Vision for the Future

Who is TMGcore?  

A maverick in the industry, TMGcore is an award-winning provider of high-performance computing solutions. Our company was founded in 2018 with a vision of creating a more sustainable and capable solution for commercial data center storage. Armed with a goal, TMGcore created the next generation of scalable technologies to facilitate the best cooling possible. We are committed to providing the highest quality services and products, and our vision is to make immersion cooling the standard for data center services. At our core, we believe you must Evolve to Enable.

What Do We Do?

Today’s data center hardware manufacturers are asked to develop technology capable of handling ever-increasing amounts of data while navigating industry challenges such as environmental impact, uptime, and operating costs that come with building and operating large data centers. Our solution? Immersion cooling. TMGcore researches and develops revolutionary commercial-grade hardware specializing in 2-phase liquid immersion cooling technology that is fully autonomous with our software management service. We provide a world-class experience to our customers and industry collaborators with end-to-end solutions engineering and off-the-shelf, customized designs. Our use of cutting-edge 2-phase cooling technology sets TMGcore apart from its non-immersion computing competitors.

TMGcore developed the OTTO platform to solve industry space and power constraints. OTTO offers businesses a scalable, quick-to-market, secure solution that’s incredibly energy-efficient and cost-effective. It’s fully autonomous, capable of deploying up to 15,000 cores in less than 80 Sq. Ft. due to its modular design and high-density computing. For applications outside of the core, the Edgebox 30 and 4.5 provide the same degree of extremely efficient, 2-phase liquid immersion-cooled data center capacity, with a footprint that’s a fraction of traditional fan-cooled methods. To optimize the features and capabilities of the OTTO platform, TMGcore’s hydroblades were developed as a preliminary set of hardware options. Hydroblades are server, storage, and other hardware components that are designed to be integrated with the platform’s cooling mechanism. After the hydroblades are installed into OTTO devices, they are monitored and controlled through our autonomous manager software platform.

In early 2022, we released ComputeCore. This single-phase liquid cooling solution offers similar sustainability and scalability, albeit in a different format, to our 2-phase cooling solutions. Available in a 48U configuration with an adjustable weir wall, ComputeCore allows companies looking to break away from archaic air-cooled methodologies a new way forward. One that is considerably more sustainable and more energy-efficient.

The duality of our hardware and software suite provides a seamless, world-class bespoke solution for our customers. All of our products and services are backed by a full-scope infrastructure warranty and customer-centric service offerings to ensure that every organization is considered.

How Does Immersion Cooling Technology Work?

Immersion cooling technology is a method of storing and cooling down data servers as an alternative to fan cooling. Servers are immersed in Dielectric Fluids, which turn into vapor when data chips generate heat. The vapor rises in the tank carrying the heat to the top, and the water flows through coils and carries the heat away. The vapor then condenses and returns to the tank as fluid to repeat the process again and again.

What Are Our Values?

Historically, data storage centers use fan cooling computing technology which accounts for 2% of the world’s electricity consumption. Immersion cooling is both more efficient and sustainable, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 1.2 Megawatts per 800 Sq. Ft. Our compact, modular designs also take up less space for the potential of an additional 120,000 cores. Since our immersion cooling technology uses less energy, customers can reduce operational costs by as much as 70%.

Put simply, TMGcore is committed to providing industry-leading immersion cooling technology and world-class service for every customer and collaborator.

Our Vision

We believe that immersion cooling technology is the new standard for the future of data center storage due to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and high capability. We are proud to be spearheading this revolution as we work to create a more sustainable and efficient world that meets the needs of our customers.

What’s Next?

For you, the customer, it means you can exponentially scale your data center with a fully optimized and autonomous suite. You’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint and operational costs while increasing the amount of storage space for additional cores. Are you ready to join the movement? Visit our website to learn more or call us to schedule a demo today!

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